Our client, an Australian-based retail chain, wanted to revamp the entrance to one of their Perth stores with the addition of an automatic fire door and VM glazed balustrade wall. The design of the automatic door was complex, needing to alleviate the requirement for smoke exhaust fans and be able to open automatically in the event of an emergency. A two-week schedule was provided, broken down into one week for predetermining materials and two nights for installation. It was also imperative that the store’s front entry would not be disrupted by the project; thus, all works were to be coordinated during nightshift or out of hours. Walshs Glass’ ProInstall team was engaged to manage this project due to our ability to manufacture large-scale glass, our expert glazing team and reputation for delivering projects within tight timeframes.


It was determined during the briefing stage that the automatic door needed to be 18m in width and completely transparent, allowing for smooth entry and exit into the store and clear, two-way visibility. The scale of this project was significant for Walshs Glass and would be one of the largest doors ever to be installed in Western Australia.

To support us in achieving a successful outcome for our client we deployed a highly skilled Walshs ProInstall team of six glaziers, a project manager, an estimator and HSE representative. Walshs Glass also engaged a team of external subcontractors to assist with the successful execution of the project including an automatic door manufacture, door rail manufacturer, and steel contractor. Due to the length of the beam and the size and weight of the glass, a crane contractor was also engaged to lift our materials into position – eliminating the need for manual handling and preventing the risk of injury to our employees. A SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) was also submitted given the high-risk nature of the works.

Materials used

12mm clear toughened glass in accordance with AS1288 was supplied and installed by Walshs Glass using carriage rails (extruded aluminium), 60mm x 20mm in one length to each door panel (approximately 2400mm wide). Each carriage rail included six track wheels 60mm in diameter and three anti-rise wheels with fully raced heavy duty bearings. Each carriage rail included four hangar brackets, 6mm steel laser-cut profile. The motor drive installed was a Rubek 450-Watt DC heavy duty motor.


Serving a dual purpose for our client, the automatic door provides both a reliable exit in the event of a fire and a clear view into the store. Complying with our client’s request, all works were undertaken during nightshift to ensure the store could remain operational during the day. Walshs ProInstall was also able to successfully meet our client’s tight deadline, collaborating with key subcontractors to ensure the auto beam, glass, rails, and steel could be predetermined well in advance.

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