Selected based on our performance and history with similar high-risk, short turnaround night works, Walshs Glass ProInstall was engaged to deliver glazing services to the new Yagan Square Bus Station at Perth Underground Train Station. As the largest station on the Transperth network, it was not an option for Perth Underground to be shut during the day; thus, all works had to be coordinated with the client and council for nightshift install.


Walshs Glass’ solution was to supply and install 11.52mm laminated glass to glazing channels already fixed to a steel lift shaft structure. As is often the case with tight timeframes, sizing needed to be predetermined. The environment was also a high-risk live site – with overnight shut down required for glazing to safely take place. Given these factors, ensuring our predetermined sizes were spot on was essential; we could not afford a mismeasuring issue or breakage that would require a return trip and additional shut down.

Confident our measurements were precise, the Walshs ProInstall team manufactured the required 11.52mm laminated glass in compliance with AS1288-2006 and AS1735.2. Given the design of the lift shaft we also engaged a team of external scaffolders, a crane and crane driver. On the night of the install, the crane was positioned above the lift shaft with one panel at a time lowered to four Walshs Glass glaziers. Panel by panel and working their way down the shaft our glaziers installed, sealed, and made their way to the next panel. As we made our way down, the scaffolder also had to remove each level of scaffold. Significant coordination between the scaffolders, crane driver and Walshs Glass ProInstall took place in the lead up to the job to ensure this process would run as smoothly as possible.

A task-specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) was submitted given the high-risk nature of the works, with all employees needing Working at Heights certificates.

Materials used

Installed was 11.52mm laminated glass in compliance with AS1288-2006 and AS1735.2 to glazing channels fixed to a steel lift shaft structure. Key elements of the design are the imposing 13m high steel lift shaft structure that encompasses Walshs’ crystal clear 11.52mm glass, setting off the aluminum composite panels.


The lift shaft glazing was successfully installed over the course of one weekend with our client very satisfied by the result. The shaft is a striking height of more than 10m, with the crystal-clear glass creating an avenue for natural light to shine upon the thousands of commuters who use the rail system on a daily basis.

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