A leading global mining group, our client required a fresh office space that both reflected and fostered their business practices. The scope of works was a four-level fit-out comprising internal partitioning, curved internal partitioning, aluminum framed hinged doors and frameless glass automatic doors. Walshs Glass ProInstall was engaged to assist with our client’s project due to our significant experience in delivering large-scale fit-outs, and ability to manufacture high-end architectural glass at our world-class facility in Canning Vale, WA.


With accuracy paramount for curved glass in addition to a lengthy manufacturing lead time, sizing of the glass needed to be predetermined. Coordination between our glass supplier and aluminium bender was also key, and to ensure a successful outcome our team supplied surveyed drawings of the radiuses so we could accurately bend our section.

Given the radius of the bends and sheer size of the panels (which were 2400mm in height and 2660mm in width), installation was expected to be challenging. Walshs identified that due to the size and quantity of the curved panels, lift dimension restrictions, and the sheer foot traffic from other trades working on the project, safety could be compromised. To help mitigate any potential issues, Walshs Glass ProInstall worked in consultation with our client to undertake special Sunday shifts allowing us exclusive use of the goods dock, lift and work area to install all curved panels. Walsh’s Glass also utilised separate ProInstall crews to undertake the partition glazing and door installation to ensure our client’s timeline would be met.

A comprehensive Health Safety Management Plan and a task-specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) were submitted given the high-risk nature of the works.

Materials used

Walshs Glass supplied and installed all laminate and curved glass, while the Optima 117 plus partition system was utilised for the aluminium. All glass supplied and installed by Walshs Glass ProInstall was in accordance withAS1288. The partition and door glass were installed into the Optima 117 Plus partition suite while the doors were glazed into Optima Microline Jambs with Affinity single glazed doors. Dorma HD200 Single Slide Operators were installed throughout the fit-out.

Dorma HD200
Optima 117 Plus System


Walshs Glass successfully delivered our contribution towards our client’s four-level fit-out comprising of internal partitioning, curved internal partitioning, aluminium framed hinged doors and frameless glass automatic doors. The four curved glass offices on each floor (16 in total) uniquely utilise the space to create both a functional and striking office environment.

Planning was key to the successful outcome of this project, as the curved glass needed to be predetermined in size, and special coordination and cooperation with the client was also required to ensure safe transportation of the product to site and smooth installation. The glass had to be measured and produced with extreme accuracy. Installing the curved glass also presented a significant challenge given the radius of the bends and the sheer size of the panels. The Walshs Glass ProInstall glazing team did a fantastic job to communicate and coordinate the lift and installation of glass with precision avoiding any defects.

As is always the case when working in a high-density environment with other trades, communication and patience was paramount to not only get the job done safely but also to the high standard and finish that was required.

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